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We make colors!!

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Experience the pleasure of creating your own garments and accessories using Fios da Fazenda yarns.

Fios da Fazenda is a small business founded in 2007, we're in Sao Pedro do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul state, southern of Brazil. We are an innovative company, constantly seeking to improve our range of products, always respecting nature and working ethically and sustainably.

Our products are the result of research, development and customer feedback. We produce artisanal and hand dyed yarns using natural and acid dyes, branded "Fios da Fazenda", wich means "Yarn From the Farm" in english . All the wool we use comes from local sheep breeders (Merino, Corriedale and Ideal, as we call Polwarth here in South America). 100% Brazilian wool, breeded in the Brazilian Pampa region, in our border with Uruguay.

Using natural fibers is a sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly attitude. We invite you to join our family of textile artists around the world.

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