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About Us

We make colors!

Our small family-owned business is made up of a few people who love the manual processes and take care of every detail of this craft. From the manufacture of the skeins to the back office, through the creation of colors, dyeing and customer service.

Since 2013 we have maintained an Etsy shop, where we have learned how to show and ship our handcrafted yarns to our customers around the world. Six years later, we feel ready to serve all end costumers and retailers directly, as we have been doing in Brazil since 2007, when we started to dye our first yarns.

We are located in São Pedro do Sul, central region of Rio Grande do Sul state, southern Brazil, close to Argentina's and Uruguay's borders. Our city is basically made up of small farms, whose main economic source is cattle and sheep breedings, as well as agriculture.

We are nearby Pampa region, where the largest Merino and Corriedale flocks in South America are concentrated. And that's where we get the raw material to produce our yarn.

The wool we use is produced by sheeps reared in extensive grazing system and with all necessary care of handling and nutrition. Animal welfare is a basic premise when you want to get quality wool. Mulesing is not a practice adopted by sheep farmers in all the Pampa region.

All our yarns are hand dyed in small batches. Most of our colors come directly from Brazilian nature, such as the pigments extracted from Brazilwood, Baccharis, indigo, black wattle and others.

We are always looking for the improvement of our products and processes. The customers' feedback is allways much appreciated and give us a lot of inspiration to create new yarns and colors.

We love natural fibers because besides fluffy, it is versatile, organic, recyclable and biodegradable.

Thank you so much for venturing with us on this journey of natural fibers and colors. Enjoy!

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