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Confetti Cowl

Material Yarn: 3 skeins of Merino Worsted (Da Fazenda. 100% merino wool. 100gr / 196m. (For this cowl it’s necessary 3 different colors)

Needle: 4,5mm (circular, 16′ long)

Notions: one marker

Abbreviation MC – main color C1 – color 1 C2 – color 2 sl1 wyif – slip 1 st with yarn in front

Size 25cm (w) x 18cm (h)

Gauge 5cm = 9 sts (k1-p1 ribbing, not stretched)


With MC, cast on 108 sts. Working back and forth, knit 15 rows in k1-p1 ribbing.

At the end of your 15th row, don’t turn. Place a marker, join to work in rounds. Knit next round.

Then, rnd 1: in C1, k1, *sl1 wyif, k1*, k1.

rnd 2: in C2, k1, *k1, sl1 wyif*, k1.

rnd 3: in MC, repeat rnd 1.

rnd 4: in C1, repeat rnd 2.

rnd 5: in C2, repeat rnd 1.

rnd 6: in MC, repeat rnd 2.

Repeat these 6 rounds until your cowl measure 16cm from the beginning.

Next round k one round in MC then work 6 rounds in k1-p1 ribbing.

Bind off.

This post was originally published on Blog da Fazenda Caixa Dagua, in October 16, 2014.

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